24 Days of Turtle: Day 14 (Wrapping Paper)

This holiday season, Santa is coming to the sewers! 24 Days of Turtle is a countdown until Christmas guaranteed to make you merry. From December 1st through 24th, this advent calendar will shell out 24 different TMNT Holiday-themed treats. Each day will offer something new, something ninja.


Maybe it’s because of my love of nostalgia, but I am a big advocate of traditions. Even if they evolve and change over years, there are a few Christmas moments I can’t seem to shake. These holiday staples make me a jolly ol’ soul.

Unfortunately as a kid, traditions were the furthest thing from my mind. December transformed into a ticking time bomb that exploded on Christmas Day – blasting a fury of presents into my hands. I tore through the gifts. The aftermath put a coat of bows, ribbons, and shreds of paper across the living room floor. If someone told you an actual bomb went off, you might believe it.

Time has passed and I’ve grown. I open my gifts like a human now, not an animal. But, a new generation of kids are living their glory days with Nickelodeon’s TMNT. If they’re lucky enough, their parents might cover their gifts with this fancy wrapping paper featuring the green machines. (Mom, Dad – are you guys reading this?)

Kids once again have the opportunity to tear through TMNT wrapping paper and unearth their Christmas gifts.

Maybe this year on Christmas, I’ll slash through this TMNT wrapping paper and relive my days of being a gift-opening beast. I’ll channel my inner child and go wild beneath the tree. You know, for the sake of tradition.

If my killer ninja moves aren't enough, there are more wrapping paper pics. 









  1. Nice. Hopefully, you'll actually get your presents wrapped in these. That'll add to the holiday excitement.

    Your killer ninja moves are too much for me. Total turtle power! You also donned the Christmas sweater. A tough fit, but you managed. :)

    1. A package of coal could be wrapped in that paper and I'd still be excited to open it. Are you going to wrap any gifts in TMNT paper?

      Awesome you caught the ugly sweater making another appearance! Gotta rock that thing all season long.

    2. Hopefully I will, I currently have some stuff under it anyways. :)

      Haha, of course! It still looks very nice to wear for the holidays, anyways.

  2. Replies
    1. I picked this paper up at Wal-Mart. They also had Muppets & Lego-themed wrap. Pretty great for under 4 bucks!


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