This is The Sewer Den, a small New Jersey bedroom transformed into a half shell haven, a nostalgic shrine dedicated to all things Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It houses collectibles, rarities, oddities & a bunch of other Turtle Powered junk.

The collection is massive. You won't see *everything* in these photos. There's just too much to showcase. Items in the collection often rotate and the displays are always changing too. But, use your ninja skills! Have some fun and see what you discover when peeking. If you don't see something, you can always check the ARCHIVE for previously published content.

Grab your pizza, friends, let's go on a tour!

You walk into The Sewer Den... what do you see?

A little bit of everything. Lay on the green sofa for a view of decades of Turtle Power
Enter the room, turn around & this is what you see. Turtles, Turtles & more Turtles.
Survived the 90s: bunk beds & bed sheets
On the top bunk, plush toys, original comics & lunch boxes to give you sweet dreams
Michelangelo (and his curtains) keep the collection safe
The Turtle Blimp always flies high in The Sewer Den
Hanging from the closet door, the most ridiculous laundry basket ever

This wall was the first to be covered when The Sewer Den began in 2011. My Dad and I built the custom shelves for action figures, then filled out the space with framed original artwork, t-shirts, TMNT Fan Club memorabilia, VHS tapes & personal photos.

You will find no comfier couch 
Mutants for miles
Dusting your collection is the worst! Putting items behind glass helps keep them clean. In these cabinets, there are mini collections from various moments in Ninja Turtles history.

My original TMNT toys from the 80s & other goodies
"Undercover Turtles" are my absolute favorite
Classics! From the original 90s movies, the "Movie Star" line
More originals - heroes & villains along with other wacky paraphernalia
All things from the 1993 Turtles film where our dudes ventured back in time to feudal Japan
Original bad dudes, including two of my holy grails (Krang's Android Body)
A few zany figures on the rarer side
Toy discoveries while traveling in Asia (Japan, Thailand, Myanmar)

The most fun part of having a collection is curating. I love pairing items together and finding themes that bring everything to life.

Tissues from Europe, a promotional box of cereal & an unopened April steal the show here
Game on! Board games, card games, video games - I love ALL the games
This shelf I describe as "organized nostalgic chaos." It seriously has EVERYTHING.
Where else can you display a yo-yo next to a mouth guard?
Organized Nostalgic Chaos: Part 2
Candy & foods from 90s. Eater beware
There's always room for Jell-O. Foods from the 90s through the 2010s
Unopened toys! This is a blip on the radar... not enough room to display everything!
 A gift received for my 11th birthday... still a gift!


Thanks for scoping out The Sewer Den! If you want to see more, visit the ARCHIVE for additional articles or watch our movie Welcome To The Sewer Den; a journey into my own life & a peek into the jaw-dropping collection. 

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