24 Days of Turtle: Day 3 (Christmas Card)

This holiday season, Santa is coming to the sewers! 24 Days of Turtle is a countdown until Christmas guaranteed to make you merry. From December 1st through 24th, this advent calendar will shell out 24 different TMNT Holiday-themed treats. Each day will offer something new, something ninja.


The post office makes a pretty penny during the holiday season. People plow through their hoard of stamps to send Christmas cards to their loved ones. The options are endless. You can buy fun and festive, take the religious route, or even slap a photo of your family on your card.

Although the selection is substantial, I still find myself yearning for a card that embodies my pizza-loving personality. With the resurgence of TMNT thanks to Nickelodeon, I may have that opportunity soon. But until then, I am stuck in my time machine with the coordinates set to 1994.

There are plenty of TMNT Christmas cards from the classic cartoon, but this is my favorite. Holiday spirit, a pizza reference, AND a nod to the sewers?! As the master of a site called The Sewer Den, consider me merry.

The artwork goes in a bizarre direction too - a winter wonderland of weird. Donatello doesn’t look exactly like his cartoon or comic book counterpart. Instead, we’re treated to an interpretation of a Turtle who appears to have eaten too much fruitcake.

But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Make sure to return tomorrow for Day 4 of 24 Days of Turtle!



  1. I actually like the art of Donatello on this card. He looks kind of well-drawn for it. Totally radical, dude!

    Keep it up, this is keeping anticipated for Christmas time. I'll feel jolly by then, and I still have to get my hands on a TMNT advent calender (even though it's pretty late, but ah well. Better late than never).

    Day 4, here we go...!


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