THAILAND (3-Part Series)

My latest travel excursion brought me to Thailand - a colorful country boasting diverse adventures at every turn. The trip kicked off in the urban jungle of Bangkok, migrated to the launchpad of Chiang Mai, shifted to the sleepy hills of Pai, and returned to Bangkok for a final hurrah.

A bold itinerary for sure, but the big question - did this far-away land lead to any TMNT toy discoveries? Find out on Monday, August 31st when this 3-Part series takes flight!

Flea Market Finds: Summer 2015

When the weather heats up, people flock to empty lots across the country. The land transforms into a sea of organized chaos. Secondhand goods are sold or bartered in the hot, open air.

They buy. They sell. They roam.

Flea markets - usually a summer staple for me. Unfortunately, this season I hadn't been to any! During a recent visit to my parents in New Jersey, my Mom and I bucked that trend. We woke up early with the thrill of the hunt guiding us. What sort of treasures did I discover?

Gratitude, Dude: 12 Puzzling Pieces

My girlfriend, Jess, returned home from a gathering with friends on a late weekday night. With her, she brought a surprise. She presented me with a gift - wrapped in a lowly plastic bag. It's unenthusiastic-gray was crumbled into a pitiful clump. I raised an eyebrow at the curious offering.


Bon voyage from the sewers!

I'm embarking on an adventurous journey to the other side of the planet - leaving NYC and traveling to exotic Thailand. While there, The Sewer Den won't be updated with new posts. I'll be busy exploring Thai culture and seeking out international Turtle Power!

Once I've returned home, I'm hoping to have a collection of globe-trotting, TMNT toy-hunting tales (similar to the Japan series).  Until then, I'll post on Twitter when possible.

See you soon, friends!

TMNT Box: Mutants In The Mail

I've started many stories here at The Sewer Den with "a mysterious box arrived on my doorstep." It's an effective introduction everyone can relate too - a curious delivery that pokes at your enthusiasm with its mystery. Its very arrival stirs up interest, a ticking time bomb of eagerness that you don't want to disarm. And that burning question...what's inside this cardboard cube of secrecy?!

Now, let me tell you about a "mysterious box that arrived on my doorstep." This one is unlike any package I have ever was smiling at me.

Issue 57: 10 Holy Grails

Remember those childhood toys that you dreamed about? Those illustrious pieces of plastic that you always wanted, but never got. Over time, that desire bubbled in your imagination. The simple toy transformed into your own personal Holy Grail.

Well, I have a lot of Holy Grails - all rooted in the TMNT universe. Decades of unfulfilled toy-collecting desire! Here are 10 Holy Grails I'm still searching for.

*These are based on personal interested, not rarities or worth.

First Gokin Krang: Your Other Action Figures Can't Do This

A box arrived on my doorstep from Dimension X. Inside, First Gokin Krang - a monster collectible that puts your other puny action figures to shame. It's a beast! The colossal toy is almost a foot in height and is about a cat in weight.

You've probably read plenty of reviews about this guy. I'm not going to discuss the points of articulation or superb quality - those are pretty obvious. Instead, let's look at 8 outlandish things and wacky scenarios First Gokin Krang can do that your other action figures cannot.