First Gokin Krang: Your Other Action Figures Can't Do This

A box arrived on my doorstep from Dimension X. Inside, First Gokin Krang - a monster collectible that puts your other puny action figures to shame. It's a beast! The colossal toy is almost a foot in height and is about a cat in weight.

You've probably read plenty of reviews about this guy. I'm not going to discuss the points of articulation or superb quality - those are pretty obvious. Instead, let's look at 8 outlandish things and wacky scenarios First Gokin Krang can do that your other action figures cannot.


Awesomecon. Is it actually awesome? Or just a convention with a laughable name? Well friends, I had the opportunity to travel down to Washington, D.C. and find out for myself. I searched the halls of the convention center in a quest for all things cowabunga.

Let's enter the awesomeness.

The Sewer Den In The Spotlight

Over 4 years ago, I started a blog about TMNT nostalgia. Now, it's a pizza-powered phenomenon. Life is weird and awesome.

Amy Kuperinsky of The Star-Ledger/ recently interviewed me about The Sewer Den. We talked toy collecting, Turtles, and nostalgia. She did a mondo tubuloso job. There are fun photos and even a mini-video tour! 

The Sewer Den also made an appearance on New Jersey's statewide news channel, NJTV.


Hats off to Mary Allice Williams for her perfect pronunciation of my name AND closing a news segment with the word "cowabunga." Now, THAT'S Turtle Power.

Issue 55: Hats!

The winter season is retreating. Warm temperatures are finally emerging. It's that joyous time when we can dismantle our winter uniform - peeling off each layer with satisfaction. Gone are the long coats and helmet-like hats. Staying warm is no longer of concern, but rocking Turtle Power is just as important.

Here are 5 hats from The Sewer Den collection to keep you styling throughout the sunny season.

Issue 54: Top 10 Ridiculous Moments (of Back To The Sewer)

Who remembers TMNT: Back To The Sewer? The cartoon was released in 2008-2009, the 7th and final season of the 2K3 series that limped to the finish line. At this point the show had lost much of its steam. The previous seasons had the Turtles battle bad guys in the year 2015. The Turtles belong in NYC, not the future. At least the creators ended the series where it belonged - the sewer.

Issue 53: Mutant Merch (3 Things From The 2K3 Series)


The Sewer Den is swimming in TMNT merchandise. I usually weave a common thread when writing about them - a theme to connect the mutated pieces. But occasionally, a few treasures claim themselves as outsiders.

I have 3 random items here from the 2K3 cartoon series. They have nothing in common, except for the same TMNT era.

Issue 52: Radical Reading (TMHT World Atlas)


Toss aside your library cards and grab your passports - we're leaving the sewers! I present a Turtles gem with worldly flair.

Our favorite mutants bounce around the globe with their own World Atlas. The cover was the only image available when I purchased the book. Would the 1991 publication be packed with global Turtle Power? Or would this book gather dust on the shelf?