The Sewer Den's Pizza Party (Part 2)

Diamond Select Toys and The Sewer Den teamed up for the ultimate TMNT fueled event. A select group of social movers and shakers gathered in New York City for a night of cowabunga festivities. There was Turtle Power at every turn - pizza, games, merchandise, toys, original artwork, and more! Join us in this 5-Part series, The Sewer Den's Pizza Party.

Late to the party? See what you missed.

The Sewer Den's Pizza Party kicked off with all the right moves. With one gaming activity in the books and pizza on our plates, it was time to turn our attention to the next event - cowaBINGO. That's right, cowaBINGO. The game is your standard version of Bingo, but mutated to sewer-appropriate levels and injected with a Super Shredder dose of fun. Let me give you a quick debriefing on the wonders and rules of cowaBINGO.

The Sewer Den's Pizza Party (Part 1)

Diamond Select Toys and The Sewer Den teamed up for the ultimate TMNT-fueled event. A select group of social movers and shakers gathered in New York City for a night of cowabunga festivities. There was Turtle Power at every turn - pizza, games, merchandise, toys, original artwork, and more! Join us in this 5-Part series, The Sewer Den's Pizza Party.

Meet the Sewer Six.

Let's get this party started. Like any good gathering, a curated guest list is crucial. I'd love to invite the entire TMNT fanbase, but alas, my NYC apartment is only so big. I scrounged up a band of pizza-eating connoisseurs and had them make the trek to my home ready. Some of them came from the far outreaches of the Big Apple (Queens), while others made the journey from out of state (Pennsylvania & Maryland). One came from down the street, but that's not as dramatic. Who were these mysterious party goers? I had everyone uncover their artistic side and sketch a self portrait, but with a twist - Turtle-fy yourself.


Blogging is an undertaking. It challenges you as a writer and a visual artist. Your work is instantly showcased around the world thanks to the immediacy of the internet. But, it's the praise from fellow bloggers that makes the experience truly rewarding. The internet can be a daunting place riddled with extremely negative opinions, however, the kindness of these bloggers trumps all that. There's an undercover support system of friends, mostly people that have never met. Everyone reads each other's work and challenges one another to bring their best.

One of the internet's best is Stunt Zombie (aka Chris). His blog covers a variety of topics - movies, food, toy collecting, reminiscing childhood tales, and local stories from his homestead in Virginia. We've been blogger pals for a bit, frequently visit each others sites and chatting on Twitter. We have yet to hang out in the real world, but I'm confident that day will come along soon enough. In the meantime, Chris sent me a package in the mail. Although he told me to keep my eyes peeled, it still caught me by complete surprise. The contents inside was incredible! And best of all, it fueled this post. Let's see the surprises the great Stunt Zombie sent my way!

Awesome Accessories

Collecting TMNT figures is a never-ending endeavor. With hundreds of toys in existence from generations of mutants, completing the collection is a daunting, unwinnable challenge. The hopeless goal of "getting it all" becomes even bleaker when you factor in the accessories. Each figure included a wacky assortment of extras. Weapons, sidekicks, wearable fashion - there are thousands of plastic pieces. My childhood bedroom floor was littered with these silly TMNT accessories. Although there are a heap of these things in The Sewer Den, here are 10 of my favorites.

2015 Year In Review

2015 was big for The Sewer Den. This year boasted more posts than ever, while also capturing a bigger audience. Best of all, I'm still having a blast creating all the content!

What were the year's best? Check out the highlights for 2015.

Christmas Fallout: 2015 Edition

My Christmas celebration kicked off on the night of December 23rd and was a marathon until the morning of the 26th. During that gauntlet, I racked up a lot of presents. Why did I even get so many great gifts for Christmas? I didn't even leave out milk & cookies for Santa. Maybe it's because I bought so many thoughtful presents for others? Does being an only child mean anything at age 32?

As I nurse my yuletide hangover, take a peek at the gracious gifts my friends and family were kind enough to give me. I did get few presents skewed towards adults, but for the sake of keeping this entertaining, no one needs to see photos of a slow cooker.

Cowabunga Christmas: Day 24 (Nutcracker)

Welcome to Cowabunga Christmas - the 2015 edition of 24 Days of Turtle. From December 1st through 24th, the Turtle Powered advent calendar will feature daily holiday-themed treasures from every era of TMNT.

Let the countdown 'til Christmas conclude with DAY 24!

You've made it - the final day of Cowabunga Christmas! It's been a wild sleigh ride throughout the many eras of TMNT holiday merchandise. Tomorrow we celebrate Christmas, but today, we celebrate the last day of this countdown with the TMNT Nutcracker.