Issue 44: Summer Bugs


The woes of winter have subsided. Heavy coats are being phased out and replaced by sandals and sunglasses. Warming rays of sun burst through the clouds, bringing out happiness in everyone. A trip to the beach or a dip in the pool keeps you cool and calm. Barbecues, blockbusters, and the endless sunshine make summer a magical season.

But, don't forget about the bugs. An invasion commences when the weather warms. Growing up in New Jersey, insects swarmed in the summer season. My home was situated in the Pine Barrens, a wooded area riddled with pine trees and underbrush. Protection was needed if you were going to survive the onslaught of insects that lingered there. Spraying repellent became a daily routine. But, even that didn't help at times. Often I'd come home from a day of playing in the woods, covered in bug bites. My summer nights were spent applying ointments to the infected areas, battling the urge to scratch my wounds.

Those vexing pests weren't exclusive to the woods of New Jersey either. Many insects made their way into the TMNT universe too. Several still lurk in The Sewer Den. No need for bug repellent, these dudes are made of plastic.

Totally Tubular Treasures: 3D Mug


When the Turtles returned to television, I wrote a wish list. A grand lineup covering all my dreams and desires that I hoped Nickelodeon would achieve with the new series.

One of my requests was the creation of a legitimate coffee mug. No paper or plastic, something fun and brimming with Turtle Power. I wanted the real deal. A mug for us old school TMNT fans who have mutated into coffee-guzzling adults.

Go Ninja, Go Ninja, Go!

Through a work event, I had the awesome opportunity to meet the king of cool, Vanilla Ice. The man is a living legend for any kid growing up in the 90's. He crafted classic hip hop jams and took the world by storm.

He also ranked number 1 on my Top 10 - A Turtle Tribute (to Secret of the Ooze).

After Ice and I tackled our work endeavor, I mustered up the guts to ask him the big question, "can I see your TMNT tattoo?" Being a super rad guy, he was eager to show off his passion for Turtle Power. After a quick hike of his pant leg, I got a glimpse of his awesome ink that paid homage to TMNT 2: Secret of the Ooze.

Like me, the man embraces his TMNT past. Although I consider myself a TMNT superfan, Vanilla Ice has me beat. He was in one of the movies and has a Turtle tattoo. I can't say the same!

Vanilla Ice, a big THANK YOU for taking the time to chat and snap a photo with me. #NinjaStrong

Issue 43: Green Machine Gardening


The weather is warming and sunbeams are returning to the sky. Mother Nature is finally putting winter to bed. What's next? Spring, baby. The rebirth of everything beautiful. Unless you're living in the sewers, stop and smells the roses.

In honor of the spring season, I wanted to get my green thumb on. Equipped with TMNT gardening gear, it was time for cowabunga cultivation.

Totally Tubular Treasures: The Sewer Den Sneakers


On October 27, 2013, I hit a birthday milestone - 30 years old. It's been almost 6 month since the landmark occasion. Boy, it hasn't been easy, but I'm finally adjusting to life beyond my 20's. 

Getting older is a tough pill to swallow, but much easier when you're treated to great birthday gifts. My girlfriend, Jessica, came to my rescue as I transitioned from 29 to 30.

No matter what you do in life, always have a perfect bed and a comfortable pair of shoes, because when you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” This quote from my film, Sneakers & Soul, is a life lesson no one should ignore. Plus, sneakers are cool!

Jessica combined my love for sneakers, my passion for filmmaking, and my dedication to The Sewer Den and delivered the ultimate birthday gift - a pair of custom designed Nike sneakers. 

The Sewer Den Sneakers: Birthday Edition.

2014 TMNT Official Movie Trailer

After months of waiting patiently in the sewers, the official trailer for the new TMNT flick has finally arrived!

This looks like quite a departure from the Nickelodeon series. But, the original movie was also completely different from the 90's cartoon. And they happily co-existed. Let's hope history repeats itself.

August 8th - mark your calendars for cowabunga.

Issue 42: Eat Up, Dude (Part 5)


Hungry? Craving cowabunga cuisine? Forget a case of the killer pizzas, you've got the mutant munchies.

The pinnacle of The Sewer Den collection is my stash of TMNT-inspired foods. The silliness of these snacks are divine (and delicious!) My eyes feast on the array of colors and wacky design that each package presents. I've already sunk my teeth into this subject 4 times without feeling full.

I love it and am ravenous for more. What started as a single-serving, has now evolved into a five course meal. The Sewer Den presents Eat Up, Dude: Part 5. Chow down, dudes.

*Packages have been flattened to display more detail.