Issue 48: Gratitude, Dude (DANDY EDITION)

A mysterious box recently arrived on my doorstep. The packaging had TMNT stickers, a handwritten message that read, "Turtle Power!", and was sealed with Philadelphia Eagles duct tape. This was no ordinary postal delivery - this was magic.

I glanced at the return address. My pal and avid Sewer Den reader, Dandy, was the sender of this unexpected package. I lifted the intriguing box and gave it a curious shake. It was surprisingly heavy and densely packed. What was inside this magical cardboard casing?

The Sewer Den Experimentation

Ghosts, ghouls, and ninjas! The spooky season is upon us once again. And it wouldn't be Halloween if the green machines didn't make a chilling contribution. With Nickelodeon's show in full force, the world is swarming in TMNT merchandise that is silly and scary.

I was lucky enough to get this wacky "Pumpkin Push-In" decoration as a gift. You stab Leonardo's limbs and head into your pumpkin, giving the gourd a shot of Turtle Power. It's a simple gimmick that takes zero effort and perfect for those with little time to spare.

No mess? I want mess! For me, carving jack-o'-lanterns has always been a staple of the season. It's an activity to express your creativity without judgements. Halloween embraces the eccentric. It's the one time of year you're encouraged to be weird!

Could I transform this simple pumpkin decoration into a weirder, more mutated Halloween prop? I embraced my inner Dr. Frankenstein and attempted to fuse iconic Halloween symbols with my newly acquired TMNT pumpkin decoration.

NYCC 2014: Best of TMNT

New York Comic Con shattered previous attendance records by selling a whopping 151,000 tickets. With endless hoards of people roaming the event space, you'd think it would be tough spotting TMNT paraphernalia. Luckily, Turtle Power was in full swing this year. The green machine presence was strong - making the event an absolute blast for fans.

What were the best TMNT moments of NYCC? Here's a wrap up.

Comic Con Survival Guide

New York Comic Con kicks off Thursday, October 9th. There will be cosplay everywhere - joining the already congested streets of the Big Apple. The city becomes a battlefield of costumed bodies. With vast crowds, a labyrinth of merchandise, and celebrity appearances, the overwhelming event will bring you to your knees without proper preparation.

The TMNT panel is on Friday. I'll be wearing my brand of Turtle Power, representing The Sewer Den while navigating the pandemonium. But like any well-trained ninja, one must be prepared for battle. What defenses will you need to conquer the chaos?

Here is The Sewer Den's Comic Con Survival Guide.

"Turtles In Time" Exhibit at The Bottleneck Art Gallery

The Turtles have spent their existence living beneath the streets of NYC, under-appreciated and lurking in the shadows. But now, the green machines are finally rising from the sewers and into the spotlight. On Friday, The Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY kicked off an exhibit celebrating 30 years of Turtle Power with "Turtles In Time."

Over the years, I have made many trips to The Bottleneck Art Gallery. Their events and work on display are unlike anything else in the Big Apple. It's an opportunity to attend a party, absorb the awesome artistry, and if you're lucky, take home affordable art (even my girlfriend has purchased 3 pieces from various shows). The magical space embraces nostalgia, grips your heart, and never lets go.

Issue 47: 5 Favorite Nickelodeon Figures

The TMNT toy universe is massive. With each new television series, a fresh wave of figures hit store shelves. Hundreds have been released over the years and Nickelodeon's Turtles hasn't bucked the trend. The latest series has only added to the huge slew of action figures.

I'll update and expand this list when new figures are released. But as of today, here are my 5 Favorite Nickelodeon Figures.

JAPAN - PART 5 Ending In Osaka

During a voyage to Japan, I relentlessly hunted for Japanese TMNT toys. What did I uncover? Pack your bags for a cowabunga-fueled trip to the Far East.

Kyoto cleansed my conscious, but the city was a toy wasteland. The shrines and temples were spiritual centers for tourists, not comic con visitors. Osaka was the last leg of my journey, my last opportunity for Japanese toy discoveries.