24 Days of Turtle: Day 5 (Mini Stockings)

This holiday season, Santa is coming to the sewers! 24 Days of Turtle is a countdown until Christmas guaranteed to make you merry. From December 1st through 24th, this advent calendar will shell out 24 different TMNT Holiday-themed treats. Each day will offer something new, something ninja.


For better or worse, everything TMNT-related usually comes in a set of 4. Sure sometimes you can buy items individually, but if you want the complete set, you’re stuck shelling out 4 times the cash. Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo, and Raphael – I love you guys, but man, my bank account would look a lot better if there were only 3 of you.

The trend doesn’t stop for the holiday season either. You want a TMNT Christmas stocking? Well, how about FOUR TMNT Christmas stockings?

My wallet might be complaining, but The Sewer Den is not. These mini-stockings are tiny in size, but adorable in charm. They wouldn’t fit on the foot of an adult, but would slide snug on a baby. For a guy like me living in New York City, the space saver is appreciated. Every inch matters. And they’re just so darn cute! These mini-stockings are the puppies and kittens of Christmas decorations.

The packaging has minimal wear and tear, but for the most part this is an unopened flea market find. However, I can’t wait until Christmas to tear this open. These dudes are currently hanging proud in my New York City apartment.

TMNT mini stockings – all 4 one and one 4 all!

Make sure to return tomorrow for Day 6 of 24 Days of Turtle!


  1. That's so true. But, what's better than having 1 of something? 4 times that, eh?

    These things look like a really good find at a flea market. Bonus is that tehy're unopened. It's good, since most flea market buys tend to be worn down and when not, they tend to be a little expensive for some. But, 'tis good you got this in time for the holidays.

    Will you stuff your presents into those? :p

    1. Honestly, they're so tiny I'm not sure what to do with them. I hung them up, but for now, that's all! Maybe I should put an action figure in each one...might be big enough for that.

    2. Ooh, if you do decide to put an action figure in them, you must show me. Iy's always amusing to see just what poses the turtle action figures are in, ya know. It's too amusing for me not to see.


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