Cowabunga Christmas: Day 16 (The Santa Snatcher)

Welcome to Cowabunga Christmas - the 2015 edition of 24 Days of Turtle. From December 1st through 24th, the Turtle Powered advent calendar will feature daily holiday-themed treasures from every era of TMNT.

Let the countdown 'til Christmas continue with DAY 16!

I spotted The Santa Snatcher book online for just a couple of bucks. It looked really goofy - perfect for Cowabunga Christmas. I was ready to make the purchase when one lonely review caught my eye. And it was negative.

When there are bad reviews for online items, generally I stay away. But this person's comments intrigued me. Reading the review actually encouraged me to buy it. "Pictures were the type to cause nightmares" - that sounds like a selling point! The item eventually arrived to my home, and now on Day 16 of Cowabunga Christmas, we're going to see if the scathing review was justified.

The Santa Snatcher is from the 2K3 series of TMNT. Right off the bat, you can tell this is no cheap, Christmas cash-in. The book is packed with original art. Every page is loaded with seasonal illustrations and colorful decorations. Each Turtle has a moment in festive attire - Leonardo & Michelangelo as Santa, Raphael as an elf, and Donatello gives the ultimate laugh as Mrs. Claus. Their silly disguises guide us through the simple, straight-forward story.

Does the Santa Snatcher book make a good gift

This is the million dollar question. The online review was very vocal that the book is, "too scary." After reading The Santa Snatcher, this doesn't even make sense. There are no monsters, no scares, and barely any violence. Sure, Donatello dressed as Mrs. Claus is mildly disturbing, but it's not spooky. As a kid, that would have me in a fit of laughter, not scared. The Santa Snatcher is harmless, festive fun from start to finish. A perfect Christmas tale for young readers, or even adults in their 30s riding the subway to work!

Check back tomorrow for DAY 17 of Cowabunga Christmas! Can't wait until then? Take a trip with the Ghost from Christmas Past to see what The Sewer Den put on display on December 16th in 2013 and 2014.


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  1. Geez, how wimpy is that kid? Actually, how wimpy is his dad, that these pictures could give him nightmares?


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