Cowabunga Christmas: Day 8 (Candy Cane Bubble Bath)

Welcome to Cowabunga Christmas - the 2015 edition of 24 Days of Turtle. From December 1st through 24th, the Turtle Powered advent calendar will feature daily holiday-themed treasures from every era of TMNT.

Let the countdown 'til Christmas continue with DAY 8!

Since its original rise in popularity, TMNT has been plastered over thousands of items. Decades of oddities ranging from windsocks to water guns - and I've seen it all. The weirder the merchandise, the better. But at this point, rarely is a newly-released item so weird that it catches me by surprise. Well friends, Santa delivered a really weird one this holiday season with Candy Cane Body Wash.

These festive sewer suds from Nickelodeon's TMNT series are a Christmas curiosity. What a bizarre concept - combining Turtle Power, cleanliness & the scent of candy canes. It's like a mad Santa hat-wearing scientist attempted to create a mutant of his own, but instead ended up with this gunk. Candy Cane Body Wash - brilliance or insanity?

Does Candy Cane Body Wash make a good gift?

I've never rubbed candy canes over my body before, but I imagine the Candy Cane Body Wash yields similar results. The red goo gleams in its container. The alluring scent of artificial peppermint dances beneath your nose. Can there be a gift better than this? I doubt it. I'm saving this treat for Christmas morning. A jolly, bodacious bubble bath.

Check back tomorrow for DAY 9 of Cowabunga Christmas! Can't wait until then? Take a trip with the Ghost from Christmas Past to see what The Sewer Den put on display on December 8th in 2013 and 2014.



  1. I got some of that last year. I love it. My bathroom smells like a candy cane factory when I pour it in my tub.

    1. I imagine us like Owen Wilson & Jackie Chan in Shanghai Noon. Relaxing in our separate bathtubs, tons of bubbles and sipping whiskey - with the scent of candy canes taking over the room.

    2. Mmm, candy canes and whiskey. Count me in!


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