24 Days of Turtle (2014): Day 18 (Raphael Ski Ornament)

Welcome to the 2014 edition of 24 Days of Turtle. The awesome advent calendar features daily TMNT Christmas-themed treasures. There will be festive fun, gracious gifts, and Turtle Powered prizes!

Dashing through the snow to DAY 18 of the countdown.


If you haven't realized it yet, my Christmas has been mutated. I always had a few TMNT decorations and ornaments, but as the years passed, and green machine popularity rose once again, the Turtles have taken over every facet of my holiday season.

My Christmas tree is trimmed in Turtle Power. Every era of TMNT is represented - with ninja-nonsense hanging from every branch. This was never my plan. But as master of The Sewer Den, I guess it was bound to happen.

Of all my TMNT ornaments, this 1990 Raphael ski ornament is one of my favorites. For a concept as silly as mutated turtles, the ornament is pretty classy. It's crafted from high-quality materials and doesn't look cheap. A timeless, durable pattern replaces an easily breakable, plastic design. The traditional ornament boasts a genuine, feel-good Christmas vibe that the sewers don't see often.

Each day of 24 Days of Turtle will feature a Turtle-Powered present.

Everyone deserves the classiest of cowabunga ornaments on their Christmas tree, or at least on their hard drive. Today's gift is a scan of the swanky Raphael ski ornament. Print it out for your tree or hang it digitally as you desktop wallpaper.

Check back tomorrow for DAY 19 of 24 Days of Turtle for more festive fun, gracious gifts, and possible prizes! Until then, stay jolly, dudes & dudettes!


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