24 Days of Turtle (2014): Day 13 (Party Lights)

Welcome to the 2014 edition of 24 Days of Turtle. The awesome advent calendar features daily TMNT Christmas-themed treasures. There will be festive fun, gracious gifts, and Turtle Powered prizes!

Day 13 of the countdown will light you up.


Trimming your tree and home with Christmas lights is a time honored tradition. Classy white, festive multicolored, hanging icicles - the options are limitless. But shockingly, Turtle Power has been absent from the pool of decorative choices. Finally in 2014, our shelled heroes are lighting things up.

Although these aren't specifically Christmas lights, there's no reason they can't be used for the occasion. Transform your home into a winter wonderland with sewer-style. The goofy heads of your favorite heroes will add extra magic to your holiday display.

Plug the set in and peaceful beams of holiday spirit cut through the darkness. Since the lit strand only measures about 10 feet, I hung the lights around the fireplace mantel. Now, when Santa slides down the chimney and enters the room, he will bask in the luminosity of a Cowabunga Christmas.

There are 10 lights on the strand, with each Ninja making an appearance twice. The plastic lamps are all different colors, adding a glimmering variety of Turtle twinkle.

In addition to the Turtle-headed lamps, there are also 2 sewer lid lights. This element adds a fun mix of diversity to the strand. I understand that not everyone wants to decorate their home with New York City pride. Instead of "NYC" written on the bulb, I think "sewers" would have been the more appropriate choice. Or forget the manhole covers concept entirely, and let us dangle glowing canisters of mutagen from our Christmas trees!

Each day of 24 Days of Turtle will feature a Turtle-Powered present.

While the light set gives the gift of glowing holiday cheer, The Sewer Den is giving a gift for your gifts. Here is a scan of another radical TMNT classic cartoon gift tag from 1989. Empty your ink cartridges, print them in bunches, and slap them on your presents. Gift-giving has never been so tubular.

Check back tomorrow for DAY 14 of 24 Days of Turtle for more festive fun, gracious gifts, and possible prizes! Until then, stay jolly, dudes & dudettes!


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