Comic Con Survival Guide

New York Comic Con kicks off this Thursday. There will be cosplay everywhere - joining the already congested streets of the Big Apple. The city becomes a battlefield of costumed bodies. With vast crowds, a labyrinth of merchandise, and celebrity appearances, the overwhelming event will bring you to your knees without proper preparation.

The TMNT panel is on Thursday. I'll be wearing my brand of Turtle Power, representing The Sewer Den while navigating the pandemonium. But like any well-trained ninja, one must be prepared for battle. What defenses will you need to conquer the chaos?

Here is The Sewer Den's Comic Con Survival Guide.

Protecting yourself from being a lame, uninspired attendee is key. Going to Comic Con is an experience and must be embraced. Even the simplest wardrobe will protect you from being an uncreative guest.

My wardrobe is bodacious without going overboard. A simple, yet very obvious, TMNT t-shirt quickly identifies where my heart lies. Everyone immediately knows I am representing the green machines.

An additional layer of armor raises my Turtle-Powered prestige. My green blazer is classy, yet completely silly. It adds a level of sophistication without taking life too seriously. The perfect inclusion for a TMNT fan in his 30's.

The majority of your day at Comic Con will be spent in the trenches of battle - fighting through crowds and holding your position in long lines. The constant standing will put your feet to the test. Be comfy or be defeated.

I'm slipping my feet into The Sewer Den: Birthday Edition Sneakers. The snazzy footwear provides the ideal combination of comfort and cowabunga. With these kicks, my feet boast style without sacrifice.

Adding apparel to your noggin only enhances the Comic Con experience. By dressing your head, you'll immediately be recognized by fellow fans. It's also a good way to spot your friends in the large crowds.

My head will be capped with a TMNT-branded winter hat. This might not be ideal for summer, but for New York Comic Con's October event, it's dandy. The best attribute this hat offers is an adjustable bandanna. You can easily mask and unmask yourself within seconds - optimal for taking breaks without wasting time.

A lot of people who participate in cosplay love adding an accessory to their ensemble. These wacky additions bring an added layer of magic to the event. But for me, I like to keep my hands free for merchandise-browsing and shaking hands with anyone I meet. One accessory everyone should have in their arsenal is a camera.

Whether it's a cell phone or standalone, bringing a camera to the event is crucial. You'll be rubbing elbows with interesting characters all day - from celebrities to crazy cosplay fans. Comic Con offers so many moments you'll want to capture forever.

The days at Comic Con are long and tiring. The event can wear you down. Preserve your energy with snacks and a beverage. Keeping your stamina at peak levels will ensure a better experience.

Why waste money purchasing food at the event? Bringing your own rations will minimize the damage to your bank account by saving a few bucks. Use that cash for comics, dudes!

The event brings vendors from all over the world. The endless assortment of merchandise is nothing short of incredible. You could easily spend your entire time leafing through the tables of goodies. Companies also pass out loads of free swag. By the end of the event, you'll be chock-full of Comic Con treasures.

Propped over my shoulders will be a green backpack. This provides plenty of storage, and with its color, stays in my TMNT theme. It also allows my hands-free preference to continue. Let's hope I come home with this thing stuffed.

With these helpful hints, you'll not only survive Comic Con, but emerge victorious. Simple tweaks of your ensemble will elevate the experience to unprecedented fun.

Keep your eyes peeled for my warrior-like wardrobe. Don't be afraid to come introduce yourself - we're all pals in the sewers! And if you need a snack, I'll have my TMNT fruit snacks on hand :)


  1. HA! You look awesome! You need to get one of those turtle shell back packs. Hope we get to hear what you scored at Comic-Con!

  2. Man, I wish I could make it out this year. Alas, I am poor and have to work. I hope you have a blast out there. I'm looking forward to the after-report.

  3. Jansports backpacks are sold in PerĂº too, but they are blue or black. I've never seen one this green!!
    I love your helmet :D :D

    1. Thanks! The outfit definitely made it easy for friends to spot me.

      We need to get you a green Jansport! They have tons of colors in the US.


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