"Turtles In Time" Exhibit at The Bottleneck Art Gallery

The Turtles have spent their existence living beneath the streets of NYC, under-appreciated and lurking in the shadows. But now, the green machines are finally rising from the sewers and into the spotlight. On Friday, The Bottleneck Art Gallery in Brooklyn, NY kicked off an exhibit celebrating 30 years of Turtle Power with "Turtles In Time."

Over the years, I have made many trips to The Bottleneck Art Gallery. Their events and work on display are unlike anything else in the Big Apple. It's an opportunity to attend a party, absorb the awesome artistry, and if you're lucky, take home affordable art (even my girlfriend has purchased 3 pieces from various shows). The magical space embraces nostalgia, grips your heart, and never lets go.

I had the opportunity to slip inside the gallery for an exclusive sneak peek at the mutant madness of the "Turtles In Time" exhibit. Navigating the subterranean maze of the New York subway system and trekking through the streets of Brooklyn brought me to the doorstep of The Bottleneck Art Gallery.

Squeezing through the door, I was transported to an installation that shell-shocked.

The small space never ceases to amaze. The walls have been tastefully enveloped in oozy artwork. I moved at a turtle's pace (hey!) through the gallery, soaking in the nostalgia. The exhibit boasts over 75 impressive pieces of work.

From the original comics to the latest movie, every generation of Turtle Power is on display. This will surely please old school and new fans alike.

There are SO MANY works that caught my Turtle-craving attention.


Sand, sculpture, watercolor, silkscreen, mixed media, digital prints, pen & ink - no stone was left unturned, no sewer lid left closed! With every medium being embraced, the shows offers something for everyone.

If being surrounded by endless TMNT art isn't enough, the exhibit offers the original arcade game - for free. Enjoy button mashing through this classic without plunking down a single quarter.

After spending all your hard-earned cash on TMNT art, free swag will provide comfort. Nickelodeon contributed totally tubular treasures for visitors to nab. A mutated dose of Comic Con exclusives & Kid Robot figures will have you screaming "cowabunga" through the streets of Brooklyn.

Could this exhibit possibly get any better? Shell yeah! Forget the wine and cheese, the opening night event will be serving up a pizza party. Tonight, I dine on gallery pizza!

Sink your teeth into a hot slice of pie as you admire the awesome installation.

For fans who live in the area, it's a no-brainer. The "Turtles In Time" is a must-see, must-attend event. I mean, c'mon, there's free gaming, free swag, free pizza, AND killer art.

Not a local? No need to fret. The Bottleneck Art Gallery hasn't abandoned you. The remaining artwork from the reception will become available online today at 12pm EST. Everyone has an opportunity, dudes.

There's no better place to see this overwhelming display of Turtle Power than New York City, home of our heroes. The Bottleneck Art Gallery has amassed a stellar collection that truly represents the rich 30 year history of TMNT.

The Turtles need to leave the sewers more often.


  1. That is amazing! I'm glad to see the Turtles are still getting so much love after all these years.

  2. Wow, there's some amazing pieces of art there, I wish I was in the area, but I'll have to check out and see what all is still available and if anything is in my price range. Looks like you had a great time.

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