Totally Tubular Treasures: The Sewer Den Sneakers


On October 27, 2013, I hit a birthday milestone - 30 years old. It's been almost 6 month since the landmark occasion. Boy, it hasn't been easy, but I'm finally adjusting to life beyond my 20's. 

Getting older is a tough pill to swallow, but much easier when you're treated to great birthday gifts. My girlfriend, Jessica, came to my rescue as I transitioned from 29 to 30.

No matter what you do in life, always have a perfect bed and a comfortable pair of shoes, because when you’re not in one, you’re in the other.” This quote from my film, Sneakers & Soul, is a life lesson no one should ignore. Plus, sneakers are cool!

Jessica combined my love for sneakers, my passion for filmmaking, and my dedication to The Sewer Den and delivered the ultimate birthday gift - a pair of custom designed Nike sneakers. 

The Sewer Den Sneakers: Birthday Edition.

The killer color palette captures the spirit of TMNT and of my lively personality. By having green feet, this brings me one step closer to becoming a Turtle.

The Nike swoosh logo pays homage to my favorite hero since childhood, Raphael. Much like his personality, it's bold and badass. It also has a "snakeskin" texture, which is similar to a Turtle. Scaly and styling.

Much like the Nickelodeon series, the sneakers are modern, but still embrace a retro charm. The design has a hint of an 80's throwback. Perfect for a master of The Sewer Den.

Embroidered on the outside of each sneaker is my birth year, 1983. By looking at my feet, you can determine how old I am - just like the packaging on a TMNT action figure!

A brutal winter has imprisoned the shoes within my closet. I didn't have the heart to slop up the sneakers by trekking though the severe weather. But, as spring builds momentum, this 6-month sentence is coming to a close. My feet are dying to burrow inside the custom shoes. The Sewer Den Sneakers: Birthday Edition - combining comfort, style, and Turtle Power. 

Getting older is getting awesome.


  1. Dude... these are amazing. I'm not one for wearing flashy sneaks... but I would actually wear those. Which means... I will be stealing them next time we meet up.

  2. A girlfriend that gives birthday gifts like that, is a keeper.


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