2014 TMNT Official Movie Trailer

After months of waiting patiently in the sewers, the official trailer for the new TMNT flick has finally arrived!

This looks like quite a departure from the Nickelodeon series. But, the original movie was also completely different from the 90's cartoon. And they happily co-existed. Let's hope history repeats itself.

August 8th - mark your calendars for cowabunga.


  1. Damn - they look great, but pretty dark trailer. Makes me want to see it though. Like everyone I was a bit weary about this movie... but maybe it will be good.

  2. Looks fantastic to me. All these haters need to just cool down for a sec. It is possible that Michael Bay might pull this off. Unlikely? Yes. But possible. And don't you look at the original black and white comics and tell me this is too dark. I'm with you guys. It has a chance!!!

  3. My main concern is that the movie seems reeally dark in tone. I know the Turtles started off as a pretty gritty comic, but I think most of us know them from their more lighthearted adventures.


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