Totally Tubular Treasures: Shogun Leo


New York Comic Con is an awesome experience, but overwhelming too. Navigating through the onslaught of people can be exhausting. The endless lines at panel doors and autograph booths make your feet hurt. But when you're favorite franchise of all time is at the event, every second of possible agony is worth it.

For me, this was clearly the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles booth. Nickelodeon pulled no punches in setting up an eye-popping environment. I mean, there's a huge sewer lid hanging from the ceiling! The perfect photo op for any fan.


The booth also offered a contest to win action figures from the past and present. Pretty simple to enter - snap a pic of any toy, tweet the photo using the action figure's hashtag, and include Nickelodeon's official TMNT Twitter account (@TMNTMaster). That's it. Keepin' it simple in the sewer.

The selection was amazing. Since I own most of the current toys, I snapped a few photos of action figures I never picked up as a kid, but always loved.


Well, I won! Shogun Leo joins The Sewer Den! Never winning many contests, I was jumping for joy. How cool is this?! 

As a kid, my Shogun Raph and Shogun Shredder figures saw a lot of playing time. I loved those guys and wanted Shogun Leo to join in on the fun. I had a boatload of action figures, but Shogun Leo was not one of them. He's been missing from The Sewer Den collection, until now!

His flat, disc-like helmet always baffled me. When I saw this as a kid, it made me giggle. I imagined my Mom plopping a dinner plate on his head and calling it a helmet.

The package design is incredible. Well, it's always incredible when there's a dragon. 

Claims of gold armor are made, but don't ring true. This figure gets the silver treatment.

In addition to a slew of weapons, a trading card is included. 

Making this prize even better, a pizza point!


Since starting The Sewer Den, I've watched the TMNT franchise reshape, regrow, and once again, become a phenomenon. While creating a new generation of Turtle lovers, Nickelodeon has not left us original fans behind. Winning Shogun Leo is not only a prize, but proof of just that. I wanted this action figure since I was a kid. Decades later, I finally do. 

Thank you, Nickelodeon!

Follow @TMNTMaster on Twitter and maybe you can scoop up prizes from the past.


  1. Awesome! Glad you won one of them, I won Toon Leo.

  2. hey i know this is kind of a old post but i just found this web site and was wondering if you could tell me why they are called toon turtles

    1. That line of action figures was suppose to look more like the cartoon series. Also it was the first time many of the characters were put in toy form (i.e. Irma, Vernon, etc). Some fun, some super silly!

  3. I'm curious, what picture did you send in that one you the contest?

    1. I sent snapped pics of Toon Shredder & Toon Irma. I'm not entirely sure how I ended up with Shogun Leo. But, no complaints!


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