Cowabunga Christmas: Terribly Awesome (Shampoo Angel Tree Topper)

Terribly awesome is a phrase I often use to describe moments in my life that are terrible when they're happening, but make an awesome story afterwards. An example, and true story, is spending your bus boy tips by taking your prom date whale watching, then you end up puking the entire time. Slick move, Romeo. Terrible at the time? Yes. Awesome story now? YES. The true circle of life.

Let's embrace the terribly awesome during Cowabunga Christmas - starting with THIS. What is THIS exactly? This is something I discovered on the internet. This is a vintage Michelangelo shampoo bottle from the late 80s/early 90s, upcycled with custom angel wings and a halo, destined to sit atop your Christmas tree. It's a beautiful disaster that deserves a spot in the Smithsonian (Sewer-sonian?). I stumbled upon the outlandish object during late night eBay search, which means, yes, someone is actually selling this shampoo'd angel. Pinch your pennies, friends. For a starting bid of $17 (seventeen dollars?!), Michelangelo and his virtuous wings can be the conversation piece of your holiday season.

The seller was kind enough to demonstrate just how angelic this dude is on top of a tree. He's like a crown on the most beautiful queen. He's perched perfectly with a grace that only Master Splinter can teach. Even without a light, he shines like the North Star.

Fire up the lights on your Christmas tree and Michelangelo still radiates awesome. You'd think he'd get lost amongst the warm glow without a light of his own, but the winged mutant remains the centerpiece. He's glorious. I'm jealous my Christmas tree isn't topped with such ninja nonsense. A normal angel or star is an underwhelming dud compared to this dude. But your chance to own it is slipping by. Someone actually bit, and put in a $17 bid for the piece!

Thank you, internet. Thank you for giving us a Christmas gift that's so terrible, that's so awesome. The Michelangelo Shampoo Angel Tree Topper is terribly awesome.

Check back for more holiday hijinks all month during The Sewer Den's Cowabunga Christmas!

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