Cowabunga Christmas: Mega Bloks Advent Calendar

Welcome to the 2016 edition of Cowabunga Christmas! This is The Sewer Den's 4th year celebrating the holidays in a half shell. Sip your eggnog and follow along with a lineup of festive TMNT content that will ooze throughout the month of December. From seasonal merchandise to outlandish finds on the internet, Santa is bringing lots of surprises to the sewer!


Every season, a ton of TMNT holiday merchandise hits store shelves. But, not all of it packs a truly festive punch. Luckily, Mega Blok's TMNT advent calendar does. It's not even just a punch, it's a bodyslam of Christmas cheer. This is the holiday season mutated, the way we deserve it to be. For 24 consecutive days, fans can pop open a square and receive a tiny TMNT toy. Joy to the world, joy to the sewers! But, the big question...are these daily goodies totally awesome or a bah humbug bust?


On a scale from scraps of pizza crust to a full pepperoni pie, where does the TMNT advent calendar rank? That depends on the price tag. When I originally saw this thing, it was listed for $30. I meant to order it sooner than later, but got caught up in the spirit of autumn and it totally slipped my mind. Months later, I checked back on the item. Funny enough, procrastination was my friend and the price had dropped to $11. Quite the discount! Santa likes cheap prices when he visits The Sewer Den. Obviously, I pulled the trigger. For just over 10 bucks, that averages out to about $0.45 per day. It's like having the opportunity to get a prize from a quarter machine for 24 days. The Grinch can't even complain about that one. #WorthIt

Since today is December 1st, I pried open the packaging window marked with the number 1. A mini-Leonardo figure with an ugly Christmas sweater-like shell greeted me. He's the perfect mascot for Cowabunga Christmas here at The Sewer Den. He's almost too good. I hope Mega Bloks saved yuletide treasure for the other 23 days. 


The TMNT advent calendar is festive and fun (for $11). I only opened up Day 1 so far, but the packaging is full of spoilers. For better or worse, I know everything coming my way for the next 23 days. There are great goodies ahead, like festive pizzas and golden Mousers, but there are a few duds too (I'm looking at you SpongeBob TV set). Even so, nothing like this has ever existed for TMNT fans. Sure, Mega Bloks is ripping off the success Lego has had with the advent calendar concept, but I'm totally okay with it. 24 days of receiving TMNT toys? This is my heaven.

Check back for more holiday hijinks all month during The Sewer Den's Cowabunga Christmas!

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  1. I almost picked this up, but decided to skip it as I already was doing two Lego Calendars for the site this month, it'll be nice to see what you think of it all tho.


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