The Sewer Den's Pizza Party (Part 2)

Diamond Select Toys and The Sewer Den teamed up for the ultimate TMNT fueled event. A select group of social movers and shakers gathered in New York City for a night of cowabunga festivities. There was Turtle Power at every turn - pizza, games, merchandise, toys, original artwork, and more! Join us in this 5-Part series, The Sewer Den's Pizza Party.

Late to the party? See what you missed.

The Sewer Den's Pizza Party kicked off with all the right moves. With one gaming activity in the books and pizza on our plates, it was time to turn our attention to the next event - cowaBINGO. That's right, cowaBINGO. The game is your standard version of Bingo, but mutated to sewer-appropriate levels and injected with a Super Shredder dose of fun. Let me give you a quick debriefing on the wonders and rules of cowaBINGO.

The game board I created works in tandem with the movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Secret of the Ooze. Of all the films in the TMNT franchise, I landed on this one by process of elimination. Like our pizzas, we needed cheese. Secret of the Ooze had the right amount of campiness without being an unbearable viewing experience for party goers. The game itself is similar to normal Bingo, but the spaces have been replaced with quotes, characters and scenes from the movie. All it took was 5 spots in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally) for someone to be crowned the winner. Everyone studied their cowaBINGO game boards as I clicked the remote, starting the beloved 1991 "classic."

We scarfed our pizza and shouted at the TV, scribbling on our game boards when appropriate. Although we were all foes fighting for the prize, we did embrace our inner Master Splinter and used teamwork to help one another spot movie moments that corresponded to the game. About halfway through the film, I was nibbling at some pizza crust when a "cowaBINGO" silenced the room. All faith was lost for the other players. Kristy had 5 spaces in a row.

A triumph at The Sewer Den's Pizza Party means it's time for a prize. The cowaBINGO winner was presented with a Michelangelo bust coin bank courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. This treasure is not your average piggy bank. It's high-quality craftsmanship is super impressive. The character design is a spitting images of Michelangelo's Nickelodeon cartoon counterpart. The paint application has been done with the finest care. From face to shell, this dude is looking good.

There's even articulation! Michelangelo's arms move at the shoulders and elbows. His head can swivel from side to side too - making him very fun to pose, especially with the real chains on his nunchuck. That kind of articulation rivals many of the current action figures released by Playmates, which is strange considering this is a coin bank. The plastic is extremely durable too. Even the roughest of kid couldn't break this bank.

Michelangelo - bringing banking to the next level!

The coin bank commotion eventually died, and we settled in for more cowaBINGO. Using our same game boards, the next winner would be the first person to have every space filled. We resumed the movie and slowly chipped away at the blank spots on our pieces. As the film neared its riveting (and absurd) conclusion, cowaBINGO once again rung through the room. Simon waved his completed game board in the air like a victorious flag.

Like Kristy, he was awarded a stellar prize - a Donatello bust coin bank courtesy of Diamond Select Toys. The purple bandanna-wearing brainiac is similar in build to the Michelangelo version, high-quality and cartoon-accurate. But, the fun thing about Donatello is his gigantic bo staff. The weapon seems to stretch on for miles and transforms the bank into a guardian of your loot. It's almost as if Donatello has the power to scare off any potential thieves from stealing your cash.

Donatello - defender of coin collecting!

The Secret of the Ooze
reached its goofy conclusion. The film's ending credits rolled as we continued to chomp away at the remaining bits of pizza still on our plates. CowaBINGO had ended and two party goers now had prizes in their possession from the event. But, there were still more mutant festivities in store...

Come back tomorrow for PART 3 of The Sewer Den's Pizza Party. There will be more merchandise, toys, original artwork, games and more. The cowabunga mayhem continues!



  1. Pizza!! That’s my favorite. Usually I do pizza parties at venues in Chicago once in a while. Their special extra cheese pizza is looking so delicious. If you ask me, it’s one of best place for get-together parties and celebrations.

  2. Wow it was pizza cum fun ninja party! You really turned the party into complete dose of fun which definitely you guests enjoyed much.


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