The Sewer Den's Pizza Party (Part 1)

Diamond Select Toys and The Sewer Den teamed up for the ultimate TMNT-fueled event. A select group of social movers and shakers gathered in New York City for a night of cowabunga festivities. There was Turtle Power at every turn - pizza, games, merchandise, toys, original artwork, and more! Join us in this 5-Part series, The Sewer Den's Pizza Party.

Meet the Sewer Six.

Let's get this party started. Like any good gathering, a curated guest list is crucial. I'd love to invite the entire TMNT fanbase, but alas, my NYC apartment is only so big. I scrounged up a band of pizza-eating connoisseurs and had them make the trek to my home ready. Some of them came from the far outreaches of the Big Apple (Queens), while others made the journey from out of state (Pennsylvania & Maryland). One came from down the street, but that's not as dramatic. Who were these mysterious party goers? I had everyone uncover their artistic side and sketch a self portrait, but with a twist - Turtle-fy yourself.

(from top left; names reflect Twitter handles)

@TheSewerDen (Jon Z): Me. The king of a cowabunga - master of mutant ceremonies!

@cornrelish (Kristy): TMNT super fan, creator of & all around awesome person. Back in '96, Kristy built Voice Chasers, a website devoted to voice actors and the craft of voice over. She has a wealth of knowledge, constantly schooling us on all the cartoon characters we loved as kids!

@sommerjam (Jeff): Infrequent blogger, frequent podcaster & an incessant tweeter. The guy is a wiz with words on his blog (Sommerjam) and his comedy podcast (YOUR Weird) celebrates the crazy little things that make us all unique.

@keywordemdrew (Emily): Information professional, doughnut aficionado.

@NecroticDoctor (Simon): Transformers enthusiast and collector, who has invaded the TMNT universe in an effort to collect specimens of each mutated species. Oh yeah, and he's also trained as a doctor of pathogens and disease!

And then there's Nick. A mysterious man who lingers in the shadows, away from the dark depths of the internet. He's old school. He doesn't blog. He doesn't do social media. He just has fun. Perhaps a nostalgia junkie?

Now, you know us. Now, we party.

Our silly sketches quickly bonded the group. We were ready for more mutant madness and dove into our first game of the night, Pizzafaced! "What's Pizzafaced!?" the crowd roared (they politely asked). I refused to reveal any clues, and instead, started dealing out playing cards - TMNT-branded UNO cards.

We all brushed up on our UNO knowledge and got down to game-playing business. Alliances were formed, souls crushed, backs stabbed - all for the sake of victory! Okay...well, maybe it wasn't that dramatic. But, the gang did get vicious. Everyone was hungry for a win to reveal the secret of the Pizzafaced! The game lasted for ages and it was a tight race, but Emily emerged victorious.

The Pizzafaced! champion was awarded a prize with a 1-2 punch. The first thing I handed the winner was a menu to a pizzeria. She had earned the privilege to pick a pie of her choice that we would eat during the party. Along with that god-like power, Emily was also presented with a Diamond Select Toys pizza cutter featuring a goofy, grinning Michelangelo. The Pizzafaced! prizes gave her the keys to the pizza party kingdom!

With Emily at the helm, we decided on 4 pizzas. Her winning selection was a fig and goat cheese pie. Losing Pizzafaced! wasn't too painful, as us losers still had scrumptious-sounding pizzas coming our way (vodka sauce, mixed mushrooms & Calabrese). Curiosity replaced our hunger, and we all gazed at Emily as she opened the pizza cutter. The packaging was nothing to scoff at, carefully protecting the item in its Apple-like casing.

Presentation is everything, but it all boils down to performance for a pizza cutter. Our 4 pies finally arrived, and it was time to put the tool to the test. Like Leonardo with a sword, Emily sliced and diced the pies into even pieces. The pizza trimmer had ninja moves of its own, gliding over the cheese in graceful silence. Michelangelo's dopey smile beamed at us with every dough-separating stroke.

Too bad our pizzas weren't TMNT cartoon-worthy pies. There were no banana & anchovies or avocados, pickles and peanut butter meals to be had. But, that didn't sideline the fun at the pizza party one bit. We plated our tasty TMNT-inspired cuisine and prepared for the night's next event. We were just getting started...

Check back tomorrow for PART 2 of The Sewer Den's Pizza Party. There will be more merchandise, toys, original artwork, games and more. The mutant mayhem has just begun!


  1. I'm already jealous at all the fun it looks like you're going to have! I'm definitely looking forward to part 2.


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