TMNT 2: OUT OF THE SHADOWS (Trailer Reaction)

Last night, I went out with a good friend of mine from my film school days. We chatted about social media, film & The Sewer Den. The evening was great. Once we parted ways, I trekked to the subterranean world of the NYC subway system. Normally at the hour of 10pm, the trains are still running on relatively good service. But, mine took 40 minutes to arrive. Normally, this is no biggie. But tonight was different, tonight a trailer for a new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie debuted. 

When I finally arrived home, the moment came. I kept the lights dim, cranked up the volume & pressed play.

Quick initial thoughts:


The trailer doesn't give us too much of the story, which I actually appreciated. Keep the best parts for the cinematic experience. But, it looks like this Turtle tale will be packed with mutant mayhem and possibly a familiar face from Dimension X...

Oh, and maybe an April and Casey love story (like anyone cares about that!).


- The whole gang is here! It seems like everyone gets a line of dialogue. This movie is going to be PACKED with fan favorites. The fearsome four, April O'Neil, Casey Jones, Splinter, Shredder, and a bunch of new (yet familiar) faces.

- This is a total 80s freak show. Baxter Stockman. Rocksteady & Bebop! Possibly Krang?!

- The Turtles have a new ride, and it fires manhole covers. I never thought the day would come, but it looks like a vintage toy just got a supporting role in a major motion picture.

- The music selection, "Tricky" by Run DMC. This movie is ditching the grim and going for all out fun.

- For what it's worth, my favorite moment of the trailer is when Raphael says, "we're just four brothers who hate bullies." Very 2015, guys. I dig it.


The trailer for the 2014 TMNT movie was very serious - going with a dark and edgy tone. I guess the filmmakers were trying to make the franchise into something it rarely ever is - serious. Out of the Shadows tosses that seriousness into the sewers, and instead, takes us on a wild ride of nostalgia. This entry is taking a step back into the goofier, 80s era of TMNT. And I welcome it with a "cowabunga."


  1. I couldn't agree more with you on this, I saw it last night when my kid woke up and he sat on my lap and we stared at the screen watching it multiple times, this movie looks like they heard what everyone said and went with what we wanted. We've got actual foot ninjas, Rocksteady and Bebop look and sound great, Baxter Stockman (maybe we'll see him mutate, I could only hope), the turtle garbage truck with manholes firing was simply amazing, Casey Jones aka the Green Arrow was good, and some great action throughout to wet our whistles, there was so much of my childhood spewed onto that trailer, I can't wait until it comes out in theaters.

    1. I'm really hoping we get a new batch of awesome toys. From the looks of the trailer, I bet we will!

  2. OMG! I won't say exactly how many times I watched that last night, but I haven't been this excited since I was 9yrs old and the first TMNT movie came out. :D They are driving a garbage truck that shoots sewer covers!!!!!!!!!!!!! I automatically thought the retro TMNT pizza thrower as well. Man, I loved that thing. Certainly it threw sewer covers as well? ;)
    I feel like they've done a good job combining all the TMNT universes, with nods to different eras.
    The guys are wearing pants in this one and Donnie sort of has suspenders? Makeshift tech including a Super NES controller and an iPad on his arm. OMG I'm going to be pouring over pics for a while.
    Yep, pretty sure I have full-blown Turtle Fever. Had a hard time falling asleep last night! Soooooo excited! LOL

    1. Turtle Fever, huh? Need a Turtle ice pack? Turtle thermometer? Cause I'm sure they actually make all of these things now! We live in good times.

      I love you trailer-watching addition. Good to know there's a bunch of us :)


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