Coming Soon: The Sewer Den Movie

Lights. Camera. PIZZA.

Big news, dudes. I’m thrilled to announce a movie about me and my passion for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is coming soon! The tour-de-force will take you from New York City to my parents' house in Cape May, New Jersey, the home of my collection. Decades in the making, this short film will serve as a museum of memories, a collection of cowabunga.

The Sewer Den teamed up with Bobo Touch, a Brooklyn-based duo known for their surreal brand of comedy & music that’s just as mutated as the Turtles themselves. I’ve known these dudes since my film school days and am truly excited by the creative insanity they’re bringing to the table. The combination of my adventurous storytelling and their warped humor is going to make this one fun flick. Hold onto your butts.

What else can you expect? Without giving away too much, this is a tale of bizarre nostalgia, embracing absurdity as an adult, and the spirit of collecting a bunch of junk. It’s going to be beautifully weird in all the right ways.

Keep an eye out for the film’s release this summer!

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