Rise of the TMNT: First Teaser

Nickelodeon dropped the first teaser for Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Watch the green machines go back to their 2D roots in this extended preview. Shell-shockingly good or a bossa nova bomb?

Everyone should draw their own conclusions, but here are 6 quick thoughts:

The fight scenes don't reveal too much, but the snippets here sure look slickkk. That shot of April sliding on her knees with the Turtles following behind is especially bad ass.

Is Leo doing standup throughout the entire show? He tells a lot of jokes in this teaser.
Will Raphael being the leader be okay in the end? Didn't seem to bother me much here.
Is this a prequel of sorts? "All heroes start somewhere" is the tagline.
Are fans still up in arms about the weapons? I think people will have even MORE questions now...
Where's Shredder?!

People love John Cena. Me? I find him okay...much like the character he's voicing, Baron Draxum. The newest TMNT baddie isn't wowing me just yet.

Did our eardrums get a preview of the theme song towards the end of the teaser? I think so. The track seems to nod to the classic, iconic show open, but with an overly-produced dance vibe. It's not jiving with me just yet...let's hope the full version woos me into adding this to my playlist.

5. THE WEIRD. There are a lot of weird elements to this thing. Just look at the villains. What are the Turtles fighting in this show?! Everything and everyone looks so bizarre. I'm so confused! This is a very different TMNT, but something outlandish intrigues me.

Action, jokes & a cowabunga? Consider me pumped up! Although a lot looks different, the teaser felt appropriately like TMNT. Similar to past iterations, the theme of brotherhood & teamwork are at the show's core - with plenty of comedy, pizza & a rad dad (who looks wackier this time around). It might be brighter and flashier, aged down for a younger generation TMNT, but the show looks like it could make adult fans watch too.

What do you think? Is there Turtle Power potential in Rise of the TMNT?


  1. That's a big "pass" for me. Not interested.

  2. I will give it a try! Hope for the best but prepared for a letdown


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