Cowabunga Christmas: Plush Santa Raphael (2012)

Turtle Tidings! Join me on a sewer sleigh ride and celebrate the holiday season with Turtle Power. Throughout December, I'll be featuring a slew of seasonal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items from past to present. In The Sewer Den's 5th year running, Cowabunga Christmas will be brimming with festive creations, wacky discoveries, and plenty of pizza! Get merry.


When I first spotted this holiday plush of Raphael, my brain became fixated on one single thought - Die Hard. The free-standing Turtle didn't look cute, festive or seasonal. To me, he looked like one of Bruce Willis's victims in the 1988 classic film. I couldn't shake the visual from my mind. The usual "cowabunga" & "Turtle Power" catchphrases didn't mesh with this dude. Die Hard quotes, like "Now I have a machine gun, ho-ho-ho," seemed way more appropriate.


Welcome to the party, pal! Raphael doesn't have any holiday cheer going for him. His expression is lifeless. For a Christmas decoration, there's no happiness here. It's like he's dead. Maybe even a victim of Die Hard's John McClane inside Nakatomi Tower? Totally plausible.

I'm sure the Christmas lights wrapped around Raphael are suppose to be a gag, a silly joke pointing to his inability to decorate. But the joke is lost. Raphael looks like a hostage, trapped in a holiday season he despises. And there's that feeling lifelessness again...which screams of Die Hard spirit!


The Raphael plush decoration is totally fine for the festive season, but only under delicate circumstances - you've never seen Die Hard or totally love Die Hard. Who knew the classic action film and TMNT would one day share a moment? And what a weird holiday moment it is! Yippee ki yay, mutant followers!

Check back for more holiday hijinks all December during Cowabunga Christmas!

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