Cowabunga Christmas: Nickelodeon DVD

Turtle Tidings! Join me on a sewer sleigh ride and celebrate the holiday season with Turtle Power. Throughout December, I'll be featuring a slew of seasonal Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles items from past to present. In The Sewer Den's 5th year running, Cowabunga Christmas will be brimming with festive creations, wacky discoveries, and plenty of pizza! Get merry.


Cowabunga Christmas is a DVD re-release of the 2003 version of TMNT’s holiday episode. Nickelodeon hasn’t released much of the 2003 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, but it’s nice to see the show getting some love with this disc. This edition followed many years after the original DVD hit store shelves. It's cool to see the artwork reimagined and repackaged. The featured holiday episode, “The Christmas Aliens,” is a festive adventure through NYC & the sewers. There’s snow, sledding, and even Splinter dressed as Santa! You can’t go wrong with a rat Saint Nick. Cowabunga Christmas is perfect for an annual screening during the holidays.


Unfortunately, this release of the DVD is embarrassingly lackluster - no special features & it’s been stripped of an episode (only 3 episodes opposed to the original release that contained 4). But let’s not dwell on the disappointment. Let’s look at the positives!
  • The cover artwork is awesome.
  • I have free copies to give away courtesy of Nickelodeon’s TMNT.


Here’s a side-by-side comparison of both DVD releases. How do these two pit off against each other? Let’s look at the pros of each version’s cover art.

Original Release (left)
  • The DVD case is green!
  • Feels like a product of the era (is 2003 already nostalgic?!)
  • Michelangelo is dressed from head to toe as Santa
Nickelodeon Release (right)
  • Features all 4 Turtles 
  • Adds a hint of each Turtle's personality
  • Christmas lights & a NYC backdrop!
  • Cowabunga Christmas - a much better title
There's something about the Nickelodeon release sparks my holiday spirit, but the original release can't be beat either. Both feature art that makes me wanna hunker down on the couch with a greasy pizza, sip a seasonal beverage, and watch the classic episode. Don’t judge my sewer life!

Which cover is your favorite? Comment below to enter and for your chance to WIN a DVD copy of Cowabunga Christmas! I have a handful of copies, so chances are good! Winners will be selected & notified on 12/20.

Check back for more holiday hijinks all December during Cowabunga Christmas!


  1. I prefer the one on the left. Mikey is just so cute in his Santa outfit. Btw thanks for the opportunity. I wish everyone the best of luck and lots of love, acceptance and kindness for the holidays and new year. ^_^ Be safe. all!

  2. I prefer the original one too, mostly because of it's cool green case. Merry Christmas!

  3. Mikey's always been my favorite Turtle, so I'd have to go with the one on the left. Of course it doesn't hurt that the case is green too!

  4. I dig the Nickelodeon cover but that original cover is much more appealing. Just has a more classic feel to it.

  5. Mikey dressed as Santa for the win!

  6. I love the Nickelodeon one! A NYC backdrop always wins with me!

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  8. I'm a sucker for anything where Christmas lights are the focus. My vote's for the Nickelodeon cover.

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  10. I generally prefer when all four turtles are present, but I like the original release cover for this one. Mikey as Santa is such a great visual, and "Michelangelo's Christmas Rescue" is an indefinitely better title than "Cowabunga Christmas," because it sounds more like an old-timey Christmas special.

  11. I love the original release! Mikey as Santa is such an awesome piece of art, and you can't go wrong with a green case!

  12. I like the whole gang hanging out. That's totally tubular.


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