Christmas Fallout: 2015 Edition

My Christmas celebration kicked off on the night of December 23rd and was a marathon until the morning of the 26th. During that gauntlet, I racked up a lot of presents. Why did I even get so many great gifts for Christmas? I didn't even leave out milk & cookies for Santa. Maybe it's because I bought so many thoughtful presents for others? Does being an only child mean anything at age 32?

As I nurse my yuletide hangover, take a peek at the gracious gifts my friends and family were kind enough to give me. I did get few presents skewed towards adults, but for the sake of keeping this entertaining, no one needs to see photos of a slow cooker.


My uncle first gave me a Hess Truck in 1983, the year I was born. It became a longstanding Christmas tradition. For decades, there would be one under the tree for me. My parents eventually took the reigns and have been giving them for years. We feel like we're in too deep now and don't have the heart to stop the tradition. The 2015 model is nothing groundbreaking, but it's still loads of fun with its flashy lights.


"I got too many action figures for Christmas," said no one ever. 

TMNT toys are my favorite thing to receive during the holidays. After the dark years when TMNT barely put out any new products, I'm happy to see them back beneath my Christmas tree. Mondo Gecko & Atilla The Frog were the first figures to wish me a Merry Christmas. A skateboarding lizard and frog royalty make me jolly.


Monkeys, shrimps, and crabs, oh my! These guys might be the wackiest assortment of figures to ever land beneath my Christmas tree. I feel like they made everyone mildly uncomfortable after I unwrapped them...mission accomplished!


This gift has helped me reach new levels of embarrassment. These teenie toys are meant for toddlers. Yet me, a 32 year old guy, now has them in his collection. I should be shamed into donating these to actual children, but I can't help myself! Dinosaurs are cool no matter what age you are!

My pal, Liz, sent this over as a holiday surprise. Dorbz Rocksteady is the first to join The Sewer Den from this line. He's a likable mix of a nesting doll and a Funko Pop figure. He's a charming addition to the my growing collection of villains.


Even when I get candy, there's still a TMNT connection. Classy sewer snacks for my sweet tooth.


Cheetos are one of my favorite snacks. It's an unpleasant sight to watch me gorge on those scrumptious bits of orange. I'm a complete animal with no control. Will Sweetos have the same effect? My mouth is already watering just gazing at this photo...


Six packs of TMNT pocket tissues. How sick does my family think I'll be getting this winter?! If anyone is feeling under the weather, I've got you covered. There are plenty to go around. At the very least, I can use them to wipe the Sweetos dust from my fingers.


My noggin will know no cold this winter. Thanks to pals, Pat and Arleen (and their 2 cute kids, Katie & Patrick), I can continue my quest to look obsessed with Ninja Turtles throughout every season. The green ball on the top is my favorite - a puff of sewer sludge. 


My Aunt Sylvia hooked me up with this bulbous Santa Claus that she found at a holiday market. It's a dried gourd painted with all sorts of festive visuals. Measuring at about 8 inches from top to bottom, it's a completely absurd and completely awesome ornament that takes up lots of real estate on the Christmas tree. I especially love the small wreath in his right hand, mostly because it looks more like a holiday doughnut.


Believe it or not, the slippers in this photo are a size 10 and meant for a man. They are comfy on my adult feet, despite their child-attracting cutesy factor. I feel adorable in them and only wish I could wear them to work.


When people give me TMNT-themed gifts, they're often worried it will be something I already have. This is understandable considering I do have quite the collection. But luckily, the once-again massive popularity of TMNT has brought endless merchandise to store shelves - making it impossible for me to have everything. Stretchkins are a wacky item I didn't already have (cue the sigh of relief from my aunt). I legitimately played with these things like a kid, slipping them over my hands and feet, bumbling around the Christmas tree like a complete idiot. 


After going to Thailand, I wanted to brush up on my knowledge of Buddhism. My girlfriend, Jessica, found educational reading material that she knew would work well for me - comic books. The Buddha Box set consists of 8 graphic novels covering a man's journey from Siddhartha to Buddha. 

If this photo looks bizarre, that's because I didn't have the book set available to me when I was taking pictures. Nothing says the holidays like some bad Photoshop work!


I've wanted a Cat Klock for 26 years. Wayne Zalinski ignited my desire to own one in the hit 1989 film, Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. The imaginative scientist, portrayed by Rick Moranis, had a model hanging in his kitchen. Ever since seeing that flick in theaters, I've dreamed of this goofy clock. It will not only sway its mischievous tail in Wayne Zalinski's home, but now in mine as well.


In 2016, expect the photos on The Sewer Den to get an upgrade. My little point-and-shoot camera has done a worthy job so far, but I'm long overdue to bring it to the next level. With the help of this refurbished DLSR camera, I hope to do just that. Higher resolution for old toys? Heck yeah! 

I must have been a good boy this year because Santa sure was generous. Not to sound like a dork, but I'm very thankful for all my gifts and really appreciate the love that went into each one. Gratitude, dudes! I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! 

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  1. What an awesome Turtle filled haul! Those new figures are some of my favorites just on sight alone.

  2. "I got too many action figures for Christmas," said no one ever.

    Hahaha so true!

    Looking forward to out-of-package shots of those new TMNT figures!

  3. LOL, I thought Buddha was Aang from The Lasr Airbender! :D

  4. The first sign that you overdid it is when you walk past your scales and they cringe. Of course if they scream you really are in trouble. That's when you realize, your clothes haven't shrunk in the wash. Oh no! You have put on weight; lots and lots of weight. If you are like me, you will be so stressed and broke trying to pay off the credit card you maxed out to give everyone a wonderful Christmas, dieting won't be a problem.

  5. I love TMNT and skate. These are gift I so like and I hope to have a skateboard with design about TMNT

  6. I was offended so I ran around DISABLING all the xmas stuff and replacing them with perfectly sensible festivus poles.


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