NYCC 2015: Best of TMNT (Part 1 of 2)

New York Comic Con has morphed into a pop culture phenomenon. Mobs of eager fans flow through the venue, consuming every element of entertainment. Every recognizable brand, every superhero, is represented. It's a wild, pop culture safari where herds of fans roam the land. Only a mere 4 or 5 years ago, TMNT was an endangered species. The Heroes in a Halfshell were a dying breed. But, things changed. The property became protected by Nickelodeon. The almost-extinct TMNT have risen up from the sewers and now are an unstoppable force in the Comic Con kingdom.

This year, Turtle Power was everywhere.

The cowabunga coverage in PART 1 highlights the TMNT panel, autographs & the Nickelodeon booth. What were the best TMNT moments?


TMNT left no shell unturned for 2015's NYCC. The panel was the biggest yet - taking place on the gigantic Main Stage of the Javits Center. 

Fans flocked into line early, securing their wristbands for the pizza-powered event.

Let's be honest. Lines suck. Waiting around for hours is a mind-numbing experience. But the crowds queued up for Nickelodeon's panel and pushed the experience from mundane to lively. Cosplayers impressed line-dwellers with their creative TMNT-inspired attire. Photo opps and free entertainment!

The panel kicked off with the show creators and voice cast taking the stage to much applause from a jam-packed room of sewer-loving fans. In attendance were executive producers Ciro Nieli and Brandon Auman, along with the talented voice actors Hoon Lee (Splinter), Seth Green (Leonardo), Rob Paulsen (Donatello), Greg Cipes (Michelangelo), Eric Bauza (Tiger Claw, Hun). Everyone told inspiring, behind-the-scenes stories that were genuinely interesting. They presented loads of sneak peeks & character reveals that left the audience drooling.

Here are a few of the best.

WYRM. One of the favorite wacky action figures from the 90s is making a return. A brief clip showed the squirmy dude possessing genie-like abilities. His hijinks seem to be similar to Beetlejuice - fun and freaky. This looks to be an amusing episode featuring a familiar character with a kooky new spin. 

KRANG. The brain got the biggest applause. The pink villain from Dimension X is returning with his iconic android body. Unfortunately, there was no clip to accompany Krang. Until then, we must bask in the the beauty of this red diaper-wearing weirdo.

CLASSIC & CURRENT MASH-UP. Worlds are colliding! The original cartoon and current Nickeledeon series will come together for the ultimate nostalgia-fueled adventure. The episode will feature all the original voice actors from the classic show in addition to the Nickelodeon favorites. If this is anything like 2009's Turtles Forever, this is a sure-fire hit.

If Nickelodeon's panel didn't curb your craving, the cast and crew made their way to the IDW booth to sign autographs. The TMNT team scratched their signatures to fans free of charge - a nice gesture in a place that can run your bank account dry. 

Another cool aspects of the autograph experience is the opportunity fans have to chat with the talent. The dudes behind the table were gracious to everyone - shaking hands, snapping photos, and exchanging smiles.

An awesome Season 4-inspired poster was also distributed to fans for free. I nabbed one for myself, but kept it autograph-free (everyone scribbled their signatures on my print last year). The style is superb, and in my opinion, is even cooler than the designs featured in the show. A (Sewer Den) museum worthy piece for sure.

The Nickelodeon booth was like a childhood treehouse. An exclusive club catering to your TMNT-loving friends. Wandering over from the busy showroom floor, the boxy spot was an escape, a place loaded with therapeutic fun. That's not to say it was dead. There were plenty of people walking amongst the orange-carpeted area, but a cowabunga calm surrounded it.

Like any treehouse, there were creative tricks at every turn. A gigantic hunk of toy plastic greeted everyone with 2 raised fists - an upcoming massive Space Leonardo. The intergalactic hero screamed photo opp. I wasted no time & tossed my mitts in the air, ready for life in space or the sewers.

The booth offered boardwalk-like games too. After waiting in a short line, I had one shot playing a spinning wheel game. With a ninja-like flick of the wrist, I sent the circle spiraling - hoping to take home a Turtle Powered prize. Unfortunately, Lady Luck was not on my side. I landed on a space that couldn't be further from a winning TMNT spot.

Lucky for this sewer dude, a gracious woman running the game decided my Sewer Den attire was worthy of TMNT prize. Cowabungas were exchanged, and I walked away with a SDCC Loyal Subjects exclusive 8" Leonardo. The massive package was quite the prize. Lugging it around the event was no easy task. But hey, that's a burden worth carrying!

Wait, there's more! Check out PART 2 of The Sewer Den's NYCC coverage. Highlights from the showroom floor & Artist Alley are oozing with Turtle Powered toys and artwork!

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  1. This made my ENTIRE NIGHT! Everything about this coming season is ok now


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