Gratitude, Dude: 12 Puzzling Pieces

My girlfriend, Jess, returned home from a gathering with friends on a late weekday night. With her, she brought a surprise. She presented me with a gift - wrapped in a lowly plastic bag. It's unenthusiastic-gray was crumbled into a pitiful clump. I raised an eyebrow at the curious offering.

Half curious, half fearful, I excavated the contents from the plastic bag. Bit by bit, mysterious slices of curious cardboard revealed themselves. Each fragment offered a hint to something bigger, something fueled by Turtle Power.

I pulled the final piece of a literal puzzle from the plastic bag. Before assembling all 12 pieces upon the backing, I could see this was something special. My eyes landed on a Mirage 1990 copyright displayed in the corner. At this point, my enthusiasm soared.

Being a big boy, I put the 12-piece puzzle together in record time. What else can I say? Cowabunga!

I began praising my girlfriend with thanks, but the gratitude was not hers to claim. Her friends, Jess & Mike, dug up the aged puzzle in their parents' attic. Being 100% completely awesome, they graciously contributed it to me for The Sewer Den.

A big thanks to Jess & Mike for mutating a boring weekday into a cause for celebration. Gratitude, dude & dudette!

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