Issue 55: Hats!

The winter season is retreating. Warm temperatures are finally emerging. It's that joyous time when we can dismantle our winter uniform - peeling off each layer with satisfaction. Gone are the long coats and helmet-like hats. Staying warm is no longer of concern, but rocking Turtle Power is just as important.

Here are 5 hats from The Sewer Den collection to keep you styling throughout the sunny season.


* Editor's Note: Jessica Dudley will do the modeling for The Sewer Den in this post. So you don't have to look at photos of me this time around. Lucky you! *

Straightforward, yet still hip, and never goes out of style. The hat doesn't have much of a wow-factor, but its clean look can't be beat. Simplicity is an underrated style. The cap is perfect for comic cons, movie screenings, or any event where you need a shot of TMNT in your wardrobe.

The classic TMNT logo against gray, a green bill, accented with a Turtle shell. 

The material itself has a solid appearance. It's no cheap fabric. The texture adds a dash of panache for your dome. 

If you've got a monster-sized head, fear not. Adjust this bad boy to fit your melon. The green snapback also matches the bill in the front. 

When it's time to give the sewers a fresh coat of paint, break out this 90s gem.

The artwork is awesome - a funky mash-up of the original cartoon and comics. The (awkward) Turtles are in one of their typical battle-ready positions.

Does the "halfshell" font remind anyone else of School House Rock?

The matching bill and top are dandy. Radically red, the color is still pretty vivid for such vintage headwear.

Okay, don't judge. I know, the back of the hat has seen better days. The 90s grim has survived the journey to present day and just won't leave. But hey, that adds charm, right?

This cap has a lot going on. Every inch has a bodacious bit of Turtle Power. It's from the 90s and 100% goofy - which in the world of TMNT merchandise makes it completely cool.

The main draw for the beautifully blue cap is Raphael's wrap-around bandanna. Plop this zany lid on your head, and you're instantly mutated into a Ninja Turtle.

The red bandanna wraps completely around the hat with Raphael's peepers right above your own. For those (crazy) people who aren't familiar with their TMNT characters, Raphael's name acts as giant billboard on your head - and in fancy cursive!

Not much to look at back here.

If you were hankering for more Raphael on your noggin, a view from the top showcases another glimpse of the rude dude. Also, the usual green TMNT logo has also been transformed to a rich gold color. It's like a crown on your head.

The ultimate headpiece for the warm weather - the bucket hat. Although they're comfy, I normally find these lids pretty cheesy and ugly. And the TMNT design is no different. It's loud, proud, and oozing with Turtle Power.

Although this is a newly-released hat, the design is dripping in 90s style. The Turtles from the original cartoon series are swimming in a glowing environment of beaming colors. Jovial expressions like "Cowabunga" & "Pizza Time" heighten the lazy, sunny afternoon-vibe.

Wearing the bucket hat is like donning the crown of all things carefree. It's cool as a cucumber, dude.

Every angle is awesome. Do I have to revisit my stance on bucket hats? The Turtles may have emerged victorious on my war against them.

Contemporary, trendy, and ready for the quirky streets of your favorite hipster neighborhood. The Turtles toss classic style aside for a dose of modern swank.

This hat is a mutant, a hybrid of different styles. There are so many elements at play! I spot hints of Hawaiian design, nautical sea captain vibes, bits of 90s influence, and a Japanese-inspiration as well. When blended together, the countless style ingredients merge into one dazzling piece of headwear.

Cute ninjas and pink palm trees - all on one hat?! Fashionable swagger for the sewers.

Slide this baby around, and there's another detail to elevate this cap from first-rate ace to the master of completely cool. If you don't own a hat with the word "cowabunga" on it, what are you doing with your life? Get on it! 

The hipster hat is like gazing at the stars on clear summer night. It's overpowering and awe-inspiring. And the small TMNT patch on the front is my favorite constellation. My eyes are always drawn to its intergalactic energy.

Far out.

Each one of these hats has its own unrivaled charm. It's hard to choose a clear-cut favorite. When in doubt, wear 'em all.

Nothing says swagger like 5 TMNT hats on your head. 


Forgiveness is divine, but never pay full price for late pizza.

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