TMNT 2014 Movie Review


Turtle Power hits theaters this weekend for the first time in 7 years. I had the opportunity to catch an early screening. My brief, spoiler-free review.

The Good.
- When the Turtles are on screen, they're very fun to watch.
- April O'Neil has a decent character arc rather than being the typical damsel in distress.
- Lots of winks & nods to the original film & tv series.
- Michelangelo steals the show.
- Megan Fox (April) & Will Arnett (Vernon) are surprisingly great.
- Call me crazy, but I liked Donatello wearing glasses. Ninja nerd alert!

The Bad.
- The overall story. Plot holes galore.
- Maybe I'm getting old, but the action is too fast. The shaky camera & jarring editing make it hard to see the Turtles getting their ninja on.
- Except for Michelangelo, the Turtles are dull. Their characters are one note & barely developed.
- Splinter & the Turtles learn ninjutsu from a book. A book?! Com'on, dude...

The Ugly.
- Shredder. Although he starts off promising, the iconic villain is nothing more than a generic bad guy. His relationship with the Turtles & Splinter is completely forced. Their legendary rivalry feels wasted.

The Conclusion.
The film isn't the best Turtles movie, but at least it is a Turtles movie. Seeing our green heroes on the big screen is a gift. This silly franchise could have easily been abandoned as their popularity waned. But, TMNT is once again a phenomenon. Every moment this success continues feels like a bonus, more Turtle Power I never thought I'd get. For a longtime fan like myself, experiencing the Turtles in theaters evokes a nostalgic joy. If you're on the fence, go see it. It's a trip to the cinemas that may not provide the perfect film, but you're guaranteed a dose of nostalgia and a slice of cowabunga.


  1. Wicked review dude. I want to go check it out over the weekend. I'll check back in with you on my opinions.

  2. About what I was expecting, your review is one of the few I will find legit and honest coming from a fan.

    1. Thanks man. It's tough reading the critic reviews because I'm pretty sure most of those people didn't have a Turtle come to their 6th birthday party. The fan reviews are much more insightful.

  3. Thanks for sharing your experience, it's one thing from hear it from critics....but as a fellow fan it brings things much more in perspective.

    Remember when critics bashed the first tmnt movie? Good times. But now we all know who they are, and from your own veteran point of view I can feel confident knowing it was lackluster.

    Was it turtles 3 bad?

    1. I don't think so. Although this movie had its fair share of flaws, I never found myself rolling my eyes like I did with the 3rd flick.

  4. I LOVED THIS MOVIE!! And yes Mikey was the best

  5. I saw it today, I didn't hate it but I thought there was some problems. Mostly Megan Fox, less of her and more turtles woulda really improved the movie overall.

  6. I thought it was great, and had a blast, main problem was it was just too short, I wanted more after waiting this long.

  7. Hollywood loves a remake, as in theory it's less of a gamble – if a film was successful before, then it should be again. Most of the times, this approach works.

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