Totally Tubular Treasures: Mystery Birthday Box


EDITOR'S NOTE: This column showcases my random discoveries of TMNT merchandise. Despite the extensive collection from my childhood, I still find myself making Turtle purchases as an adult. Totally Tubular Treasures highlights just that.

The Sewer Den has treated me to a lot of interesting experiences. Through this blog, I have ventured into many uncharted waters. From the wacky events, to the cool people I've met along the way, the stories I write always keep me hooked. A pair of TMNT underwear might not mean much to some, but to us Turtle fans? It's everything.

Another awesome experience recently arrived on my doorstep. The Sewer Den gets the occasional eBay package, but nothing marked quite like this. Hand-written and full of promise, this small box brought huge anticipation.

On October 27th, I hit a milestone (or rock bottom depending how you look at it, ha-ha), and turned 30 years old. For 3 decades, I've been stomping around on this planet. And for most of that time, I've been a TMNT fan.

Like Michelangelo to pizza, I tore into the package. This birthday boy was shell-shocked.

Getting a card on your birthday is always appreciated. But, what about when you get THIS card? I was overwhelmed with positive vibes. @TMNTmaster (Nickelodeon's official TMNT Twitter page) was the maestro of this mutant marvel.

Since the green machines have been back on-air, we've bounced TMNT banter all over the Twitterverse. @TMNTmaster even re-tweets my Sewer Den stories to the TMNT fan base (always appreciated, dude).

The birthday love didn't stop there. I dug deeper into the box, sifting through the Nickelodeon-orange tissue paper...

Happy Mutation Day to me! A Funko Pop! figure - and Raphael too! My favorite hero in a halfshell. I've been dying to get these guys, but never got the chance. So getting my favorite Turtle in Funko Pop! form for a birthday gift? Booyakasha!

Hey, @TMNTmaster - a big THANK YOU! Not only was this a gracious gift, but I'm also chalking it up as a positive omen as I head into this new adventure known as my 30's. What was once a daunting milestone, now seems a lot less scary - cause this reminds me I'm still a kid at heart.


Totally Tubular Treasure: 1989 Classic Birthday Card
                                              2013 Nickelodeon TMNT Raphael Funko Pop!
Where The Heck Did You Find This: @TMNTmaster
Amount Paid: "Money cannot buy the honor which you have earned tonight."
Level of Awesome: Totally Tubular! (scale: Rad < Bodacious < Totally Tubular!)


  1. So rad! Things like this makes me enjoy the new TMNT and the people involved even more.

  2. Awesome gift! Cool to see that the Nick Turtles know where the super fans are!

  3. This is amazing! How cool. And to get your fav turtle too. That's classy. Oh.. and welcome to your 30's...

  4. That's nice that you got this! c:

    I also read through most of this website, and am genuinely surprised at how much work was put into most of these articles, it really just shows how much you're willing to put into TMNT. :)

    I'm also /so/ jealous of your posters, most of them just really look amazing to just hang up and take a gander at (especially that ''Big Apple 3am'' one, that one really stood out). I tried to see if I could find it on Google, but alas, no luck. Know any place I could get it?

    Anyways, keep up the good work, I love to see this type of stuff coming from the turtle fanbase. :)

  5. Wow, what a fantastic gift! Very cool!


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