Don't Panic

Don't fret, The Sewer Den hasn't closed up shop. From the bottom of my Ninja-loving heart, I apologize for the lack of TMNT-related stories over the past few weeks.

But, my moments of Sewer-silence come with a solid excuse. A few years back, I wrote and directed an independent feature film entitled, Sneakers & Soul. The film was a passion project that came straight from the heart.

The Ninja Turtles don't make any cameos, but the Sneakers & Soul is still something special in the world of cinema. After a very successful festival run and taking home numerous awards, Sneakers & Soul is finally hitting the small screen. This week, the film was made available at for an exclusive, pre-release viewing opportunity. Although the film launches later this summer on iTunes, Amazon, Netflix, and various other digital platforms, gives audiences a chance to discover the magic of Sneakers & Soul before its official release.

The usual banter will soon return to The Sewer Den. But until then, Sneakers & Soul is only a click away! Watch the trailer, rent the flick, spread the word.

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