Issue 18: Ho Ho Ho, Dudes


Tis the season. And what a crazy season it is. Between the shopping, traveling, and every Christmas tradition in between - the holidays are a busy time of year. But, despite the hustle of the season, there is always one thing I manage to squeeze in - trimming the Christmas tree.

It has always been a favorite tradition of mine since childhood. My Mom and I (and occasionally my Dad) would hang the precious ornaments upon the tree while being jolly and taking in some Christmas tunes. My Mom had the ultimate collection of Christmas ornaments. Very classic, elegant, and traditional. They made the tree look proud in our living room. You just wanted to blurt out "Merry Christmas" and hand someone a gift.

But, then something changed. In the early 90's, some new ornaments began to appear. Ornaments of the mutant ninja variety...

 Green, festive Turtles.

Ever since the 90's, these awesome ornaments have dangled graciously from my family's Christmas tree. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles watch as we open presents, give our thanks, and enjoy all the other holiday festivities. With 20 years of experience, these guys are now equally as classic as my Mom's original ornaments.

Although goofy, the Ninja Turtles ornaments add a certain panache when placed upon the Christmas tree. They encompass everything that represents the Christmas season.


 Christmas lights.

 Singing carols.

 The Little Drummer Boy.

Christmas trees.

 More Christmas Trees!

And of course, Santa Claus.

The Turtles certainly didn't lack variety - they really covered it all. Oh wait...are you thinking they left out candy canes and stockings? Well, don't worry. They've got those covered too.


The TMNT merchandise never stops. Just when you think they've conquered every trend, they then move to holidays. But with Christmas, the green machines did it gracefully. Still fun and silly, yet somehow they managed to keep a tasteful vibe with these ornaments. It's always a Merry Christmas when you've got these dudes on your tree.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from The Sewer Den!

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