Totally Tubular Treasures: Sneaker Snappers!


EDITOR'S NOTE: This column showcases my random discoveries of TMNT merchandise. Despite the extensive collection from my childhood, I still find myself making Turtle purchases as an adult. Totally Tubular Treasures highlights just that.

Unopened and still as pointless as they were back in the late 80's - Sneaker Snappers! Their purpose?

Quite the feat. How on Earth would your laces stay in place without these?! And if you're wondering how the Sneaker Snappers work, there are some handy directions on the back of the packaging.

Rest assured, the Sneaker Snappers "conform to toy safety standards." Phew, I was worried about that one.

Totally Tubular Treasure: 1989 Ninja Turtles Sneaker Snappers
Where The Heck Did You Find This: the internet
Amount Paid: $0.99
Level of Awesome: Totally Tubular!


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