Totally Tubular Treasures: A New Column, A New Frontier

Welcome to a new column of The Sewer Den! This freshly-launched section will showcase my random discoveries of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles merchandise. Despite the extensive amount of items collected in my childhood, I find myself making Turtle-themed purchases in my adult life as well. Totally Tubular Treasures will highlight just that.

This past weekend I had the pleasure of visiting my Mom for Mother's Day. Along with a trip to see my parents, I got to spend some quality time in The Sewer Den. As the room overall comes closer and closer to completion, I can't help but want to add some new things to the collection...
Behold! My latest treasure!

During an afternoon excursion with the folks, we found ourselves at secondhand store in South Jersey. Secondhand is a nice way of saying this place was packed to the gills with junk - heaps of Beanie Babies, decrepit furniture, and a barrage of tacky kitchenware. Despite the dust-covered merchandise, the place felt it might have some hidden gems...

I found myself immediately gravitating towards an area labeled "The Pickin' Room" (I don't know what that says about me). From top to bottom, this spot was crammed with everything imaginable. But, nothing particularly pleasant to the imagination. Old hats, empty jars, used pillows - the list is endless. But hey, this was "The Pickin' Room" after all.

A large brown box caught my eye. More Beanie Babies. Dug a little further in the box and found a layer of old McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Breaking through that, I was now in a layer of used Matchbox cars. I felt like I was digging towards the center of the Earth.

And then I saw it. That neon green font shining through a sea of used toys. With a gentle tug, I rescued it from the brown box. I had found myself a small Ninja Turtles gym bag. In pretty decent shape too.

No price tag. We offered a dollar. They accepted. Cowabunga.


Totally Tubular Treasure: 1989 Ninja Turtle Gym Bag
Where The Heck Did You Find This: secondhand store in South Jersey
Amount Paid: $1.00
Level of Awesome: Bodacious

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