Issue 6: Land Of The Logos


A slight change of pace here. Short, simple, and sweet. Nothing from The Sewer Den's collection, but some cool stuff to still keep your eyes happy.

Nickelodeon recently unleashed a few images from their upcoming Ninja Turtles television series that kicks off in 2012. Aside from getting a peak at what our favorite ninjas will be looking like this time around, we've also been treated to a new show logo. This is the fourth time the Turtles will be hitting the airwaves (well, actually cable this time around). The brothers have been in both cartoon and live-action form.

In honor of their new look, I thought it would be nice to pay our respects to the show logos of the past. We've seen them plenty of times, but what do they look like back to back?

2012 - ???


2003 - 2008

1997 - 1998

1987 - 1997
When all these logos are put together, they resemble one of those charts showcasing evolution. You can see where the Turtles have been and where they are going. Also, the logo for The Next Mutation is atrocious. I could've predicted that show was destine for failure back in '97 just by looking at that logo. But, I've got to hand it to Nickelodeon - they stayed close to the original (and 2003) television series logos. Do they value TMNT nostalgia too? Either way, my love for the 90's really digs that neon green text...

It's also worth pointing out Nickelodeon is keeping the Turtles as teenagers. In the spirit of re-inventing, they could have easily made them adults. But, The Next Mutation took that route and, well, it flopped.

Oh, and here's the first glimpse of Nickelodeon's new ninjas.

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  1. Odd that the "green" in the new logo is more of a day-glo, highlighter yellow. Just as weird, this is the same color that Nike is pushing on Univ of Oregon's uniform:

    and a lot of their new apparel:


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